If you are struggling with a memory from the past that continues to haunt you. (Even if you don't know what the memory is, it can still be there)

If you have tried several different therapies and nothing has worked.

If you find yourself struggling with old messages you just can’t shake; effecting your self-esteem, confidence, or sense of well being.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy may be for you

How EMDR Works

The theory that drives EMDR explains that sometimes past memories get stuck in our head causing us to react more intensely to present situations because the past memory is linked to it.

I like to use an analogy of the toddler toy where the circle goes into the circle hole and the square goes into the square hole.  If you took a walk in the park today each of your senses would be a specific shape. The circle would go into the circle hole the square would go into the square hole, etc. Once all of the shapes go into their prospective holes the memory is stored into your memory bank. This will allow you to remember it but not be impacted by it in the same way you were when you were on your walk.

During highly stressful times, sometimes the circle tries to go into the square hole etc. and the memory stays active for long periods of time. Sense these senses are floating around, the next time you smell the same smell or feel the same feeling the memory becomes active again. This forces you to react to both that past memory and your current one.

EMDR allows you to reprocesses this memory so that all the shapes go into their prospective holes and become a memory you no longer react to as intensely.

How does it look?

** This is a basic explanation more detail will be given during session

First we will set up a foundation of skills so that you are able to contain your emotions effectively when remembering the event.

We will then set up a plan for how we will target specific memories.

Then we will start the processing. First, I will ask you to remember the target memory. The goal is to remember with one foot in the past and one foot in the present. I will then ask you to follow a light, my finger, or a pointer (which ever you feel most comfortable with) while you remember the memory. After some time, I will ask you to stop and will ask you what comes up for you. We will do this several times.

Most times each time we stop the response changes and processing begins. If it does not, that's okay, there are techniques to help you move forward.

Lastly, we will practice some future situations that would typically trigger you and discuss how you would deal with them now.

What EMDR is not:

Hypnosis: you are completely present in the room the entire time you are in therapy

A way to remember something you have forgotten: Sometimes specifics of memories come up that you may not have remembers, however sometimes our brain processes without remembering the memory at all

Crazy Voodoo: I will be the first to tell you, this is a weird therapy. It is different than any of therapy I know, but it works and there is a large amount of researching backing it. You can find more information about the therapy and research
Emdria's website

How do I know EMDR works?​

When getting trained to do EMDR, we perform the process on each other in small groups. During this process we are allowed to see the process work both on ourselves and our colleagues. I have also been a patient of EMDR in the therapy setting. This is a powerful processes to be involved in and it is very neat to see changes and progress within yourself.

I have also had the privilege of working with people doing EMDR for over 3 years. During this time I have seen drastic and powerful changes in people around me.

Lastly, the science says it works. There are hundreds to thousands of research studies that have been done proving that this therapy works. These and other information can be found on                   website.

I will be the first to tell you, this therapy seems fruity and weird on the surface. But the more I have done it, experienced it and gained additional training in it, the more I believe in it. It is a very neat therapy in which powerful changes can happen, many times quicker then with other therapies.
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