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EMDR Consultation

As an EMDR consultant my goal is to help you understand, apply, and grow in the EMDR protocol. I cherish individual growth and learning and commit to providing an environment for both in my consultation. My ideal consultee has a passion for learning and thriving an EMDR clincian. 

During EMDR consultation you can expect to:

* Provide case examples and questions in order to learn the 8 stages of EMDR with confidence

* Gain an understanding of protocols, interweaves, and resources that can provide fluid through stuck places in therapy.

* Gain confidence in the basic use of EMDR and how it can be applied effectively to your therapy 

there are many different ways to receive consultation


In individual consultation, we will dive deep into your own questions around EMDR. We will look at case examples and discuss successes, stuck places, and areas for growth. My goal is to link it all back to the 8 stages of EMDR so that you can get a deep thorough understanding of EMDR even when using advanced protocols.   


In group consultation, each person will be given an opportunity to ask questions or present cases. There will time for group members to provide insights into the question and the consultant will fill in gaps and maps sure that all parts are linked back to the 8 stages of EMDR Groups are capped at 6 and run 2 hours.  ​​​​​​​

Drop in group consultations

Throughout the year I will provide drop in consultation. In this format, 45 minutes will be provided for deep understanding of a certain topic. Followed by 30 minutes of question answer and 45 minutes of case presentations. A button will be provided here if there are upcoming drop in groups. If you have a specific request for a drop in group, shoot me an email and we can see if it makes sense to form one. 

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