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All groups are available both in person and online via video. Contact me for more information about when each will be available.  

Mindfulness And Exercise

How many times have you tried to meditate, exercise, and hang out with your friends more in hopes of getting healthy? Why not kill two birds with one stone. Learn how to enhance your workout experience, process negative emotions effectively, and enjoy working out. This is an 8 weeks group in which you are encouraged to participate in your own style of exercise, while learning how to make it better.

Women gaining confidence in the work place

Learn how to gain the confidence in your career that can allow for you to not only be comfortable in your career but feel powerful within yourself. You will learn skills for communicating effectively, staying grounded and focused, and gaining respect in the board room. This is a 6 week group with small amounts of written homework each week.

Emotions as a noun

We often use Emotions as a verb, "I got mad at her." The reality is you don't have to be overwhelmed by or act on emotions just because you feel them. With this 8 week group you will learn how to feel your emotions in a productive way. Without pushing them away or letting them run you. You will learn a new skill each week for feeling your emotions effectively.

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