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Intensive EMDR

What is intensive EMDR?

Intensive EMDR is EMDR in a 2-4 hour chunk instead of a 1 hour chunk.  This allows for much of the processing to be done at one time instead of spread out throughout a month. 

What is the benefit of this?

One can knock out a large chunk of therapy all at once, meaning you can feel better faster. You also don't have to close and reopen memories at the beginning and end of sessions which allows more time for processing.

What are the drawbacks?

The only drawback I see in doing this is that insurance will not pay for it after the first hour. This means the rest of the session will be charged at the intensive rate which is 100$ an hour.  

Can I decide to do this at any point in therapy?

Absolutely! If at any point in therapy you would like to schedule an intensive just let me know and we can schedule a time. 

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