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Mindful Exercise

8 Weeks to a new level of fitness and health
Week 1:  Getting past the mental barriers to increase follow through
Week 2:  Noticing your thoughts, body, and breath 
Week 3: Understanding the why of mindful exercise
Week 4: Acupressure and energy work to interweave 
Week 5: bi-lateral stimulation through movement
Week 6: Group discussion
Week 7:  Working through current barriers within the group
Week 8: Group discussion

At the end of the 8 weeks you will feel confident gaining a deeper presence and a deeper appreciation of fitness. You will also gain a community of other people who will support you at the level you would like to be supported. 

Next group starting 1/8/2019
Wednesday 5:00PM
Zoom video group
Price: $360 for the full 8 weeks/ 45$ per group session

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