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Possible speaking topic

The following list includes my flagship speaking topics, feel free to ask for specific needs.

REAL self care

This talk gives information about how to take care of yourself when you just don't have the time. There is no list of bullshit like manicures and taking a bath which can be nice, but sometimes there just isn't time for it. With a few 30 second changes you will gain a reduction in irritability and an ability to be more present in your day.

Teaching Exercise Mindfulness

This is for exercise professionals who want to enhance the workout of those they work with. You will learn ways to keep people engaged in working out, keep them on a nutrition plan, and reduce your own burn out with difficulty in follow through. You may even learn a few take home skills for yourself. 

 Reducing Burn out in High Stress Fields

There are tons of resources about how to reduce burn out utilizing walks and self care techniques, but they often feel superficial to the workers. This talk provides, validation, self discovery, and a true opportunity to gain motivation in difficult work.

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