Allison Johanson,LCSW
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Supported Change, PLLC

Find Strength for Life's Decision

Life becomes exhausting when you spend so much time taking care of others in your life and struggle to support yourself. When your energy goes toward your job and relationships the daylight can run out before you get to you. You begin feeling a lack of self confidence, depression, and/or anxiety and can't seem to manage it yourself. 

You have tried everything to get yourself out of this rut and nothing seems to work. Your are starting to notice that you do not feel proficent in your job or relationship. Outside you continue being the strong person you are, and inside you begin to melt. 

At Supported Change, I will work with you to explore barriers to following through with skills you know, exploration of skills you have not learned, and curiosity around your past and how it impacts your current mental dialoge and behaviors. Together, we will find your strength and confidence  in order to become the person you are striving to be.

I work with helping professionals and professional women so that they can build confidence, power, and a guinine happiness in their lives. 

​Call me today and let's talk about how, together, we can get your life back on track towards more peace and confidence.