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Supported Change, PLLC

Therapy for people struggling with confidence in the work place, relationships, and life 

Life gets very hard when you are fighting to take care of yourself. I see articles all over the internet talking about all the things we are expected to do and how we can take care of ourselves while doing them. Few of the articles speak to the difficulty around feeling confident in all your rolls in your life. Feeling like you are important and deserve to be seen makes everything that much harder. 

This can lead to:

* Feeling like you are never doing anything right

*Lacking confidence and/or passion in a job you use to really enjoy

* Your brain bombarded with questions you just can’t find the answer to

* A lack of confidence all over your life

*Difficulty making decisions

*Time spent caring for everyone else with little space for you

You don’t have to live life this. I work with people to grow confidence, power, and genuine happiness in their lives.

How can I help?

I work with people who are feeling displaced in their lives to feel like they fit into the life they want.

In therapy you will learn tangible take home skills that will allow you to begin working toward your goal immediately. When you are ready we will also dive into your past and exlore how it is impacting you today. With these technquies you can grow more confident and comfortable in all parts of your life.

Together we can find strength and calmness among the chaos.

                             If you feel like this is speaking to you, call today for a free consultation.