About me
Hello, my name is Allison Johanson. I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW). I am passionate about using my expertise to help working women manage their stress so that they do not have to use food, or other avoidances. I believe every person can succeed in a life worth living with some direction, validation and support.

I have been practicing therapy as a clinical social worker since 2008. I obtained my masters degree in 2009 from University of Denver. I established my private practice in 2015 after working for community mental health for 5 years. I ran groups for Metabolic Research Center for three years where I developed a passion for working with the complex nature of over eating. I was trained in Dialectical Behavioral Theraby by Behavior Tech Institute in 2015 and received level 2 training in EMDR by Chandra Nagireddy in 2016.  I continue to receive training and consultation every chance I get and believe in constant growth as a therapist.

I believe in transparency. I like to tell you what I am doing when I am doing  it and why. Along with active listening and validation, I also talk about skills and how they can apply to your life. I welcome and encoruage questions and input from you. That being said I do not mind, and often welcome, a little humor into the therapeutic environment. You can expect me to be both authentic and professional. I am here for you and your growth and do my best to allow for client directed treatment.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
When a stressful event happens in our lives our brain can sometimes become frozen in time. EMDR allows our brain to store these events as memories, reducing symptoms caused by the stressor. Please visit this website to find out more: https://emdria.site-ym.com/?120
DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. When we live in invalidating evironments we can forget or never learn skills which can assist in coping with life. DBT utilizes behaviorism as well as skill building or order to work through these barriers.  Please not that becaue I do not currently have a skills training group runnig I am unable to provide the full model for DBT in this setting and must provide DBT informed services.  Please visit this website to find out more: http://behavioraltech.org/resources/whatisdbt.cfm