Allison Johanson, LCSW, EMDR Certified

Wearing a mask all day can be down right exhausting. I see articles all over the internet talking about all the things we are expected to do and how we can take care of ourselves, but how do you do both? What about feeling confident in all your rolls in your life, when there is not time for everything. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day.  When you give at work, you give at home,  and you know you should give to yourself, you en up feeling like you are falling short everywhere.

This can lead to:
* An inability to follow through with tasks you wish you could ( working out, writing, a new hobby, ect.)
* Feeling like you are never doing anything right
*Lacking confidence and/or passion
* Your brain bombarded with questions you just can’t find the answer to
*Difficulty making decisions

You don’t have to live life this. I work with people to grow confidence, power, and genuine happiness in their lives.